Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I sent a request for this blog to be reviewed back on the eighth or ninth. I tried the link a few times since, each time the message that a request had been sent showed. Since, according to them, it would only take two business days before being reviewed, I decided to try the link again - this time it looked exactly like it had the first day I asked for a review. I resent the review request tonight.

Many people have multiple blogs and it isn't against TOS to have them so I'm very confused as to why this was flagged to begin with. I thought maybe it was the links, but on rethinking the issue that makes zero sense since I have no control over people following me, nor did I make any link of any kind here either. I'm very confused why a blank blog would be flagged within 24 hours of its creation. Perhaps the name I choose had been used before and violated TOS...or perhaps Blogger's bots are malfunctioning.

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